Hardscapes define planting beds, provide sturdy paths for walking, and create the perfect environment for sitting, eating, and relaxing. Just because the materials are hard does not mean they can’t be elegant and beautiful.

Mayer Landscapes has been providing top-notch landscaping services to greater Milwaukee for 40 years. Family owned and operated, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and craftsmanship that will make you say, “wow.” Mayer Landscapes uses the highest quality supplies in all of our hardscaping projects and offers full-spectrum services that include design, installation, and maintenance.

Is Hardscaping Right for Your Property?

Hardscapes can take your property to a whole new level. At Mayer Landscapes, we are experts in integrating exceptional stone, brick, block, and concrete features with the natural beauty of softscapes. Our skilled landscape design team will work with you to choose the best materials, textures, colors and patterns to match the aesthetic of your particular building and land. Whether you’re picturing an outdoor room large enough to entertain groups or an intimate area for some quiet time after a long day, Mayer Landscapes is eager to make your dream a reality.

With seamless installation, Mayer Landscapes will ensure that your new hardscape works within the specific qualities of your property. Taking all aspects into consideration, including topography, architecture, drainage, and irrigation, we’ll ensure that your hardscape is an enduring success.

Which Materials are Used in Hardscaping?

Materials are selected based on the particular design you’d like your hardscape to embody. By offering a wide variety of excellent materials, Mayer Landscapes ensures that our products fit your vision and stand the test of time. The most popular materials selected by our customers include:

  • Pavers (Concrete/Clay/Stone)
  • Concrete (Colored/Stamped)
  • Natural Stone
  • Composite/Wood
  • Crushed Stone

What are Common Hardscaping Applications?

Hardscapes can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your property. The most common hardscaping applications include:

  • Brick and natural stone paving
  • Outdoor fireplaces and firepits
  • Retaining and sitting walls
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Concrete and masonry
  • Water features
  • Drainage
  • Irrigation systems
  • Landscape carpentry

Top-Notch Hardscaping Services

When it comes to customizing the landscape of your home or business, hardscaping is an incredibly popular option. With decades of experience under our belts, Mayer Landscapes will build the hardscape that is perfect for your property, no matter how large or small. Plus, we will be there to help at every step of the way, including design, layout, scheduling, ordering materials, installation, and maintenance.

The Mayer Landscapes business model is built on commitment, integrity, and honest hard work. We won’t settle for anything less than excellence in our work, and we don’t think you should, either. If you’re considering hardscaping for your property, we want to hear from you. Contact us today for a free consultation by calling (262) 677-8417 or filling out our online form.

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You may have purchased a landscape plan from another Landscape Contractor or even drawn one up yourself. You may just have a general idea or just know you want something different for your yard. Wherever you are in the process, Mayer Landscapes can make your landscaping dreams a reality.